Contemplation and eating: is anything more greek?

Great food isn’t an accident. Greeks think about stuff. Then we think about it some more. Then we create things that stand the test of time.

So when Greek Kitchen was just a gleam in our eyes, we thought long and hard about what our customers would want: the freshest ingredients, skillfully prepared, reflecting the very best qualities and diversity of Mediterranean cuisine. All that, with efficient, friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere.

We have a history in this business (besides a pretty long run as the Western world’s oldest civilization). The family who owns and operates Greek Kitchen also founded longtime Chicago favorite HUB’S Restaurant, which has been serving quality Greek and American food since 1976. In fact, you may remember us from the Saturday Night Live sketches that HUB’S inspired in 1993: “You like-a da juice, ah?” Coming soon is DOX Quality Greek, our new restaurant specializing in shareable, chef-driven Greek street food, at 1566 N. Damen in Chicago’s Wicker Park.

So when you stop by our eateries, be sure to say hello. We like to know who we’re feeding.


We’re grateful for the attention we receive for all of our hard work and the flavorful food we put out. So much, in fact, that we’ve compiled it all in one place for your enjoyment, information or time-killing pleasure.

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